Here you'll find assets optimized for Zbrush 4r6 and Higher! Both for free and for sell, we carry Micromeshs and Curve Insert Multi Meshs. The price points very from theme to theme, all of which is cheaper than you'll find anywhere else. ZBrush is leading the way in Digital Sculpting!

Kit Bashing 101

Kitbashing (or Insert multi mesh brushes with ZBrush) gives the ability to define a silhouette while quickly placing detailed objects to add to your new design. Contained in each multi mesh brush is your entire Library of objects. Usually these are organized into a theme or by a common trait. ZBrush 4r6 allows you the ability to quickly select from a large library of options. All of this without having to leave your canvas.

In addition to the great power given by insert multi mesh brushes(or IMM), ZBrush now allows you to utilize your modular designs along a curve with tripart brushes used in now found within the brush system. Now you can quickly add thing to your design like Tubes, and .

Product Types and Uses

If you are new to Kitbashing in 3D  with ZBrush, here is a breakdown for you!


Insert Multi Mesh Brushes

Insert Multi Mesh Brushes or IMM Brushes are great for blasting out concepts quick and in 3D. Each brush has it's own library of 3D pieces. These can be simple primitives or really complicated shapes.

Curve Insert Multi Mesh Brushes

Curve Insert Multi Mesh Brushes or CvIMM Brushes take IMM Brushes to the next level. CvIMM Brushes use a tri-part system that allows you to sketch an editable curve that utilizes the modular aspect of a design. In combination with polygroups, CvIMM Brushes give you the power as a designer to dynamically create a stroke on your canvas and sample multiple meshes on that same curve after the fact.


Micromeshs are tileable 3D models that can rang from all types of designs, both hard surface and organic.  Micromesh allow you to quickly achieve patterns with the click of a button. These utilize 3D tillable designs replicated over a polygon surface.  As a result you can generate patterns along the polygonal form. Beyond that, you can use these to also export 2D textures such as texture maps, normal maps, and Alphas.

Micromesh is extremely powerful! Micromesh gives the user the ability to populate the individual polygons of an object with a 3D Model.

Uses for micromesh cover so many possibilities with design. Once you start to see the world in patterns, a single tile can give you the edge saving you precious time on your pipeline.

Try testing a few for free! There are dozens to choose from starts at just $.50 a piece, bundle sets coming soon! If you want to make a request for one. Email me and I'll send you a copy when I can get to it.


"a single tile can give you the edge saving you precious time on your pipeline.Try testing a few for free! There are dozens to choose from starting at just $.50 each"