Ray Dooley

b.1929 - 2013

Bronze                  Ceramics                  Wood                  Plaster                 Marble                 

Ray Dooley (b.1929 - 2013) worked professionally as an architect for over 40 years. He studied automotive design with his G.I. bill attending Art Center in Pasadena. Immediately after graduating in 1954 he relocated to Detroit, Michigan to work for the Ford Motor Company. He worked there for 2 years working on conceptual designs for various car models including the first Mustang. Once he decided to transition into the private sector he moved back to California to pursue architectural design. Ray Dooley was most comfortable in the Studio. His personal work was realized in various types of mediums.

Ray served his country proudly in the navy during WWII. From that he was awarded the G.I. bill which he used to pursue artistic studies at Art Center of Pasadena. Automotive design was his focus, however he studied all types of mediums of art.

Ray Dooley

He particularly was fond of figurative sculptures. Later in life he would pursue this more exhibiting throughout California. His work was celebrated and included annually in the Visual Art and flowers festival put on by the Bakersfield Museum guild. His presence was definitely felt on a local level.   

Ray was also known for never being afraid to experiment, especially when it came to found objects. He was always sensitive to the beauty found in natures arraignments. 

Being raised so close to his creative environment it was exciting to see the birth of something from nothing. At a very little age the best I could hope for was his attention! And I got it and then some. My grandfather had a knack for showing me something new when I had a knack for getting in the way. This could keep me busy for hours! From this, he began to recognized my talents and quickly began to push me in a direction to build this into a reputable skill set.

Ray Dooley was a husband, a father, a grandfather, and from this his art benefited most. He found strength in family and helping others. For myself he was never one to put my art up on the fridge just because I made it. He wouldn't hesitate to tell me when I could do better because he knew that I'd be quick to agree. My Grandfather is remembered through my family and continues to be the voice in my ear as I produce my own work.


Ryan Darling, Dec 2013